Meet Sara Kosyk

Aspendos Roman Amphitheater near AntalyaSara Kosyk started working for Academic Arrangements Abroad in February 2010. She began in reception before being promoted into the Tour Coordinator Department and is now a Manager. We sat down with Sara to find out more about her background, passions (ice cream!) and favorite travel destinations.

What is your hometown?  The Bronx, New York.

What is your favorite travel book? One of my favorite books (about one of my favorite cities) is The Secrets of Rome: Love & Death in the Eternal City by Corrado Augias. Fifteen chapters lead you through the history of the city by focusing on lesser-known sites, from gates in the ancient and medieval walls (a Fascist leader once took up residence in one of the towers) to the 20th-century satellite city, EUR. I recommend this book for anyone visiting Rome, but especially for those who are returning to the city and want a deeper experience.

Sara K in Petra JordanWhich city do you most recommend to friends?  This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on the person and the type of experience they’re looking for.

Which city would you drop everything to see?  I’ve never been to Istanbul and would jump at the opportunity to visit. I know I’d love the combination of Roman history, Islamic art and architecture, and covered bazaars. Oh, and Turkish food!

Which AAA programs do you enjoy working on the most? I especially enjoy handling reservations for Cuba programs. Many of our clients are very well-traveled, and Cuba is one of the few places they’ve never visited! It is fun to help them prepare for this “new” destination.  I also like Tour Directing on our cruise programs. It is so exciting to wake up in a different port every day and navigate a new town or city.

Sara's yummy ice cream coneWhat are your special skills? Hunting down exceptional gelato or ice cream in every city I visit. Memorable favorites include ricotta and fig gelato at La Sorbetteria Castiglione in Bologna, Italy, and chestnut and pistachio ice creams in Anamur, Turkey.

What are your most visited websites? The New York Times, Facebook, which I heavily rely on to follow blogger and news posts, and New York Magazine.

What are three things you can’t travel without? An eye mask and ear plugs for long flights; a guide book – I prefer Lonely Planet in paper (no Kindle!) so I can take notes; and a local map (I always like to know where I am!)

Sara K in front of Catherine's Palace in RussiaHow many trips have you been on? At Academic Arrangements Abroad, I’ve been on six programs as a Tour Director, including: Venice & the Croatian Coast; Cuba(s); Belgium & The Netherlands; Crete, Cyprus & Turkey; and Russia.



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