Seven Amazing Food Museums

RamenFoodies take note! A variety of museums around the globe are devoted to everything from chocolate to ramen noodles. Here are a few of our favorites.

Chocolate Museum, Vienna, Austria

Learn about the history of chocolate and how it is made at a museum devoted to the confection.  During a guided tour (offered in English and German), sample a tasty treat and see how typical Viennese specialties are made. The Chocolate Museum also has events and workshops such as “Drawing with Chocolate for Adults” and a holiday kids’ program.

Image from Gelato MuseumGelato Museum, Bologna, Italy

Opened in 2012, Bologna’s Gelato Museum describes itself as “a center of cultural excellence dedicated to the understanding and study of the history, culture, and technology of gelato and the expertise of the innovators who drove its evolution over the centuries.” Visiting the museum, located in the Carpigiani ice cream company’s headquarters, is free of charge, but you do need a reservation.

Banana Museum, Auburn, WA, USA

 This little museum houses “close to 4,000 items, a mélange of artifacts, folk art and other cultural oddities devoted to the world’s perfect fruit.” Hours are variable, so banana fanatics should call before they visit.

Currywurst museum BerlinCurrywurst Museum, Berlin, Germany

Find out about the secrets of Currywurst at this Berlin museum dedicated to the spiced sausage.  The museum also offers guided group tours, which must be booked in advance, a shop that sells “everything Currywurst your heart may desire” and a snack lounge that offers (surprise!) a wide variety of currywurst.

SPAM Museum, Austin, MN, USA

Dig in to the history of Hormel’s canned meat product at the 16,500-square-foot SPAM Museum. According to the website, “Visit and you’ll be tickled pink by the SPAM® trivia and vintage SPAM® brand advertising. Plus numerous SPAM® displays including the World War II exhibit, SPAM® Game Show quiz, Monty Python tribute and more.” Admission is free.

Frietmuseum in BelgiumFrietmuseum, Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, a medieval gem laced with canals and gardens, is also home to the Frietmuseum. This educational museum devoted to the Belgian fry is housed in the Saaihalle, one of the city’s most beautiful buildings.  According to the Frietmuseum’s website, the museum “explains the history of the potato and fries and the different condiments with which they are habitually served.”

Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum, Yokohama, Japan

Founded in 1994, this institution describes itself as “the world’s first food-themed amusement park.”  Visitors to the museum can sample different regional varieties of Japan’s famous ramen noodle soup. “Our nine ramen shops are showcased in a street-scape replication from the year 1958, Japan,” explains the museum. “It was in this year that the world’s first instant ramen was invented.”

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