82nd & Fifth

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has kicked off a great new web series called “82nd & Fifth.” In the year-long series, different curators from the museum discuss works of art that have changed the way they see the world.

Nadine OrensteinMany of the individuals featured in the episodes are frequent lecturers on Academic Arrangements Abroad trips. For example, Nadine Orenstein, who recently accompanied Met travelers to Cuba, has also traveled with us on programs including “Dutch & Flemish Landscapes” and “Waterways of the Tsars.”

Amelia Peck was the lecturer for “Castles & Collections of the Celtic Isles,” and Christopher Lightfoot sailed from Heraklion to Antalya aboard Clipper Odyssey on the “Ancient Wonders” program in 2012. Melanie Holcomb was lecturer for “Sicily: A Privileged View” in 2008 and cruised with us from Athens to Malta in 2007.

Xavier SalomonCurator and talented lecturer Xavier Salomon will join us this summer on our travel program “Dresden & Berlin: A Privileged View.” His episode, “Winners and Losers,” is about Italian painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. Listen to Xavier and learn more about Tiepolo’s The Triumph of Marius on the Metropolitan Museum’s website.

Stay tuned to learn more about other curators who might be Traveling with the Met.

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