Meet Our Talented Team: Summaiya Muhammad

Intern Summaiya Muhammad in Rome

Our interns at Arrangements Abroad are extraordinary! Learn more about Summaiya Muhammad, a student majoring in psychology who works in Arrangements Abroad’s Client Services department, in this Q&A.

When did you start interning at Arrangements Abroad, and what is your position here?  I started interning at Arrangements Abroad in the beginning of May. After studying abroad last year, I gained interest in the traveling industry, so I thought this would would be a great way to get my feet in the door and learn more about the ins and outs of travel. Aside from interning here, I go to school and work as a hostess at a Japanese restaurant.

If you are still in school, what are you studying? I have one more semester left of school. I am studying psychology with a minor in global studies.

What is your hometown? My hometown is Los Angeles, California.

What is your favorite travel-related book? My favorite travel-related book is definitely Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It sounds cliche, but it was sort of like a right of passage read for me. I love how this one pair of pants connects four friends who are each at very different places in their lives.

Which city do you most recommend to friends? Berlin, Berlin, Berlin! I fell in love with Berlin after two days, and I believe that everyone should experience the vibes Berlin has to offer, at least once in their lifetime!

Which city would you would drop everything to see? I would drop everything to see Dubai, no questions asked.

Summaiya in London

Which department(s) are you in as an intern? What do you enjoy working on the most for Arrangements Abroad? I work in the Client Services department. I enjoy doing outreach the most, because it gives me the opportunity to talk to travelers and get them interested in trips.

Do you have any special skills? Cooking breakfast and guessing people’s zodiac signs.  

What are your three most visited websites? Depop, Twitter, and anything that has to with astrology.

What is something about you that surprises people? How much I am addicted to tea!

Summaiya in South Africa

What are some favorite trips that you’ve taken? My favorite trips have been Berlin (of course), Paris, and South Africa! I would jump at a chance to live in any of those places.

What would your dream trip be?  My dream trip would be to spend half a year exploring Africa! I would like to start up north, in Morocco, then make my way through Western Africa (Senegal, Sierra Leon, Ghana, etc.) and pass through Nigeria to East Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan). Next, I would head down south to visit central African countries, then end in South Africa.

What are three things you can’t travel without? My yerba mate tea bags, earphones, and my Ramones (favorite pair of shoes).

Interested in finding out more about opportunities, including internships, at Arrangements Abroad? Visit the employment section of our website.


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