New Faces in Familiar Places

Claudia_CaminoAs more guests sign up for our cultural cruises and small-group land programs, we’ve invited four new Tour Directors to join our team. We’re delighted to introduce them here.


TomErstingTom joined Arrangements Abroad after 35 years in hospitality that included global positions with Hilton, Marriott, and Mandarin Oriental. He will be accompanying our April “Dutch & Flemish Landscapes” and June “Waterways of the Tsars” cruises. Tom is all about authentic local experiences. Where can you find the tastiest Indonesian food in Amsterdam? Which St. Petersburg banyas (Russian bathhouses) are female-friendly? Just ask Tom!





AntonellaMiro2Born and raised in Belgium and a longtime resident of London, Antonella speaks four languages and is deeply involved in all aspects of philanthropy. She travels often to Italy, where she has family, and Colombia, where she founded an educational program and participates in various humanitarian projects. Having worked at Sotheby’s for 14 years, she also knows about antiques. Antonella looks forward to welcoming guests on our “Hidden Gems of Portugal & Spain” program this September.


JohnFrickWith 25 years of travel experience, John has led group tours on all seven continents, and is eager to experience the legendary Sea Cloud during our October “Adriatic Odyssey” program. John is also an astronomy buff who can tell you about the myths and legends associated with the Orionids, a meteor shower that will be taking place during this cruise.



TessaTessa is from the United Kingdom but for 12 years called France her home, living in Provence, Brittany, and on the Côte d’Azur. At 19, she was bitten by the travel bug when she took off to explore Asia. She started leading group land programs and small-ship cruises, eventually traveling to all seven continents and nearly every corner of Europe. With 20 years in the business, she loves sharing her passion for travel with others.

For more information about these upcoming departures, click below:
Dutch & Flemish Landscapes
Aboard AmaPrima
April 19–27, 2017

Waterways of the Tsars: Moscow to
St. Petersburg Aboard Volga Dream
June 8–17, 2017

Hidden Gems of Portugal & Spain
Alentejo & Extremadura
September 20–30, 2017

Adriatic Odyssey: Venice to Valletta
Aboard Sea Cloud
October 15–24, 2017

Photos: Camino trail with tour director Claudia Cumbo and traveler (top); Tom Ernsting (upper left); Antonella Miro in Lake Geneva, Vevey, Switzerland (upper right); John Frick at the Krak des Chevaliers, Syria (bottom left); and Tessa Madden Pierre on Sea Cloud II (bottom right).


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