Meet Our Talented Team: Frank Dabell


The son of a French mother and British father, Frank is a distinguished scholar of Italian art who lives in Rome, where he teaches art history for Philadelphia’s Temple University program. His expertise in the Italian Renaissance will greatly enhance our Jewels of the Western Mediterranean cruise, sailing May 11. In September, Frank will take landlubbers off the beaten path to lesser-visited, historically rich towns in Lombardy and Piedmont.


2 thoughts on “Meet Our Talented Team: Frank Dabell

  1. Please pass this message to Frank Dabell.
    Would you be able to give my husband and I a tour of Caravaggio (and if possible Borromini) in Rome. Looking at your You Tube clip we found you easy to listen to ( we are British and would be coming form the UK for a few days and have an lay person’s knowledge of these artists but want to take this further). Regarding dates of visit nothing arranged as yet but vaguely thinking of end of November.
    Many thanks for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you. Please also advise as to cost.

    Frances Noble

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