Meet Hannah Teskey: From Intern to Sales Whiz


Hannah in Antarctica

Hannah Teskey, Arrangements Abroad’s newest staff member, joined the firm last summer as an intern and quickly proved indispensable, earning herself a promotion to Sales Associate after only six months.  We sat down with Hannah recently to find out more about her.

Where are you from originally?
That’s a tricky question. I was born in Denver and lived there for a bit, but then I grew up and lived most of my life in Portland, Oregon.
What do you enjoy most about being at Arrangements Abroad?
Working with like-minded individuals who all share the same passion for travel!
Which city do you most often recommend that your friends visit? 
Buenos Aires, Argentina – hands down. I spent a semester abroad there while I was studying art history and Spanish at Occidental College in Los Angeles.
What city would you drop everything to see? 
I would love to go to Prague.

Hannah in Jujuy, Argentina

Do you have any special skills? 

I’m fluent in Spanish, as I grew up speaking it, and I played varsity lacrosse in college. But I don’t know if those are “special skills” per se.
Which websites do you visit the most? 
Facebook, The New York Times Crossword, ESPN.
What is something about you that surprises people?
My sports fandom is incredibly scattered and not at all relevant to my locale. I root for the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, Seattle Seahawks, and the Denver Broncos. And anyone who beats the Yankees.
Who would play you in a movie? 
I’d love to say Amy Schumer, but that’s giving myself way too much credit!
Name three things you can’t travel without. 
A good book, melatonin for the long flights, and a big scarf or shawl to keep warm.
What is your life’s goal?
To visit Australia. It’s the only continent I haven’t been to.
Anything else you’d like to add? 
Yes. I have an unhealthy affinity for cats.




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