7 Reasons to Spend New Year’s in Jordan

Petra candlelit ceremony

The Treasury of Petra by candlelight. Photo by Juan Luis Polo.

Celebrate the New Year in fascinating Jordan, home to the archaeological site of Petra, remarkable Roman ruins, the mineral-rich Dead Sea, and spectacular “desert castles.” This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour architectural landmarks with a professor of architecture who is collaborating on a proposed Jordan River Peace Park that would be the first ever in the Middle East.

Here are some exciting reasons to join “New Year’s in Jordan: A Journey Into Antiquity,” December 29, 2015, to January 5, 2016.

1.) Petra’s grandeur. Awaken early on New Year’s Day to visit Petra, one of the great wonders of the world. Enter the majestic siq, a narrow winding gorge accessible only on foot. Your first view of Petra’s magnificent ruins will be the Treasury, one of the best preserved of the many elegant structures carved into the sandstone mountains.

Alan Plattus2.) An expert lecturer. Learn about the region from Alan Plattus, Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at the Yale School of Architecture. Professor Plattus has lectured across the United States and abroad on the history of architecture and cities, as well as contemporary issues in architecture and urban design.

3.) A dip in the Dead Sea. Also known as the Salt Sea, the Dead Sea is the world’s deepest hypersaline lake. You will have an opportunity to float in its buoyant waters and learn more about the history and conservation of the area at the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex.

Jerash4.) Ancient Jerash. One of the largest and best preserved cities of the ancient Roman Empire, Jerash is a veritable treasure trove of antiquities. In walking its cobbled streets, through millennia-old colonnades of sandstone pillars, gain a glimpse of what life was like in this once booming metropolis.

5.) A visit to the site of the proposed Jordan River Peace Park (JRPP).  The first such park in the Middle East, the JRPP has been proposed as a joint project between Jordan and Israel. Tour the site with the director, and discuss historic and environmental issues with Professor Plattus and a member of EcoPeace Middle East.

6.) Jordan’s desert castles.” Travel east of Amman to see remarkable desert castles including El Kharana, a 7th-century structure likely built as a caravanserai to shelter travelers; Amra, with splendid 8th-century frescoes; and the black basalt fortress of Azraq Castle, used by T.E. Lawrence during the fight against the Ottoman Empire.

7.) Welcome 2016 in style. Enjoy a festive New Year’s Eve dinner at Petra’s luxurious Mövenpick Resort. Afterwards, you may wish to join a candlelight visit to the historic site of Petra, which is located near the hotel’s entrance.

SphinxTravelers may also wish to join an optional three-night postlude in Cairo to experience some of the historic monuments and artistic riches of Egypt. Highlights include the Great Pyramids, the impressive collection of the Egyptian Museum, and the Step Pyramid of King Zoser.

We hope you’ll join Professor Plattus on this extraordinary program. For details about “New Year’s in Jordan, ” please call Johan Steiner at (212) 514-8921 or (800) 221-1944, or email him at johan@arrangementsabroad.com

Academic Arrangements Abroad, together with leading cultural and educational institutions, is proud to offer a diverse portfolio of exceptional trips.

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