Top Tips for shopping in Kashmir: the shops & bazaars of Srinagar

Kashmir Carpet shop

A carpet shop in Kashmir

Known for exotic spices and stunning textiles, Kashmir has some of the best shopping in India. “Carpets, pashminas, papier-mâché, walnut woodcarving, and metal work are the finest crafts of Kashmir,” says tour director Christine Pagnani. One of the many pleasures of our October program to Kashmir, Punjab & Rajasthan is the opportunity to browse for handicrafts in Srinagar’s shops and markets. Here are some of our favorites!

Suffering Moses

Suffering Moses

  1. Suffering Moses for exquisite papier-mâché boxes, bowls, animal figures, and more. This well-tended shop, with the atmosphere of a museum, was founded in 1840.
  2. Cottage Industries Emporium for crafts of all kinds, reasonably priced and authentic
  3. The small shops specializing in dried fruits and other sundries along Kukar Bazar
  4. The venerable Mughal Darbar Bakery for its atmosphere, aroma, and local treats
  5. zainakadel market

    Zainakadal Market

    Historic Zainakadal Market, a wholesale trading market, for copperware, spices, and tilla tailors (embroidery on fabric)

  6. Andraab for hand-woven Kashmiri pashmina, embroidered bedspreads, scarves, and other exquisitely wrought textiles
Floating market Dal Lake

Floating market Dal Lake

Thank you to Tanveer at Kashmir Ladakh Tourism for these wonderful photographs of Kashmir! Additional images of this fascinating part of the world are on Tanveer’s blog, Himalayan Yeti.

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