Meet Gwenyth Lloyd, Our Designer “Across the Pond”

Gwen_Lloyd_brecon_beaconsGwenyth Lloyd started working at the Academic Arrangements Abroad New York office in 2003, and is now a remote graphic designer after moving to the UK. “I’ve worked for the company for 11 years now, 7 of them remotely,” says Gwen. “My current responsibilities include creating both print and web marketing.”

Before joining Arrangements Abroad, Gwen worked at the Center for Book Arts and Condé Nast in New York City (interning in the photography department at the New Yorker and working freelance at Vanity Fair). Before moving to New York to pursue a Design degree at Parsons, she achieved the position of Headbrewer at a microbrewery in Cambridge, MA.

What is your hometown?

I grew up in Townsend, MA, a typical New England town with a town common and gazebo. Band concerts on Thursday nights in the summer with the local military band. I loved growing up there, but had a British father who traveled to far-flung places through his work in geophysics, so I was always aware the planet was a very big place and that I’d like to see as much of it as possible.

Gwen in LatviaWhat are your favorite travel books?

Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul: Memories of the City, was a treat to read as I visited Istanbul. Vladimir Nabokov’s autobiography, Speak, Memory, is a wonderful account of his childhood in St. Petersburg. And who wouldn’t want to explore Paris after reading Georges Perec’s Life, A User’s Manual?

City you most recommend to friends

I usually find something to love about any foreign city, but my favorite destinations so far are: Mumbai, for the energy, amazing sights, and sounds; Dubai for the diversity of the people and the architecture; and London (always London!) for people watching and wandering the South Bank, Hampstead Heath, and Shoreditch. It thrills me to live in the dynamic city of Bristol, just a train ride away.

City you would drop everything to see

Florence, Italy, in the summertime. There’s something magical about the light in Tuscany, and I enjoyed an unforgettable cone of profiterole ice cream there.

Gwen and MegganWhat do you enjoy working on the most for Arrangements Abroad?

The assignments are always changing, and the design work is very interesting and challenging. Working as a designer for a travel company allows me to armchair travel through researching destinations and map-making. Have loved meeting our travelers while accompanying trips to the Baltic and the Caribbean. And, last but not least, my outstanding colleagues, who make me feel like a valuable member of the team despite the distance!

Special skills

Am a mother to a spirited, adorable four-year-old son, also am a painter, seamstress, and keen cook (when I have the time)!

Most visited websites

The Guardian, Pinterest, and BBC Radio 4

What is something about you that surprises people?

Am able to count time to music pretty well for a non musician. After my first attempt at playing the drums with a band, my friend commented my timing was “like a clock!” Hope to take up learning to play the drums again someday.

Gwen and son skatingWhat are some things you can’t travel without?

My son, my iPad, pencil bag and my sketchbook

Number of trips traveled on

I have been to 26 countries and am now living abroad in the UK. Dual nationality has some perks.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Believe travel is a necessity and a force for good in the world. The more  the idea of the “other” is broken down… believing people who are from foreign places are somehow fundamentally different than ourselves…the more our compassion for humanity as a whole grows. Gaining the knowledge that the majority of people on earth, no matter where they are from, want the same things from life as us, is invaluable.

Gwen in Nicaragua

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