Master the Mojito!

Havana Nacional Mojito bar

Image by Ellen Renstrom

Havana’s historic Hotel Nacional, originally designed by McKim Mead & White and opened in 1930, is known to serve the best mojitos in Cuba. A past Soane Museum Foundation traveler took notes on a paper cocktail napkin about how the hotel’s barman made a mojito:

 Mojito recipe on napkin

Using tall glass:


1 T. of fine sugar

large sprig of mint

½ T. of fresh lemon juice

using a mortar or handle, crush in the glass

ice cubes

rum (white), pour, counting 1 to 10

splash of sparkling water or club soda

3 drops bitters

rum (dark), pour, counting 1 to 5

place straw in and enjoy!


Hotel NacionalDuring some of our people-to-people trips this May and June, travelers will enjoy a drink on the terrace of the Nacional. The lime and rum cocktails are also served at the hotel’s Gallery Bar, where visitors can listen to live Cuban music while relaxing with a refreshing libation. Former patrons at the bar include Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and of course, Ernest Hemingway.

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