Six Super Summer Travel Products

From the practical to the just-plain fun, these gadgets are our favorite travel companions for the summer of 2014.

1.  4-in-1 Adapter


This wall charger is not only compatible with outlets in 150 countries, it’s color-coded for ease of use and aesthetic appeal.



2.  The Jump Cable

jump-battery-power-cable-55f8.0000001406412129Use this charger on the go and it’ll give your phone a 30 percent power boost even when unplugged, thanks to the built-in battery pack. Plug it in to an outlet and it’ll charge your phone and the backup battery at the same time.


3.  EZ Grill


Light up this lightweight, portable grill with a single match and get up to 90 minutes of cooking time. Even better, it uses natural          charcoal soaked in mineral oil, so no chemicals will contaminate your burgers. Keep one handy in the trunk of your car for impromptu tailgating.


4.  SleepPhones



Developed by a family physician, these flat, removable speakers are built into a cozy fleece headband so you can fall asleep listening to music without the discomfort of earbuds or rigid headphones. Perfect for long plane flights.


5.  Agogo

agogoWhatever your listening preference, this app will create a 10-hour personalized playlist of music, sports, news, comedy, and more. Try it for your next road trip.




6.  Fugoo


With a fiber-enforced resin shell, this wireless speaker can travel anywhere safely—even poolside, thanks to a waterproof covering (sold separately). It also boasts 40 hours of battery life and Siri/Google Now capability.


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