Our Cultural Calendar is Now in a New Digital Format

World mastheadAcademic Arrangements Abroad is thrilled to present our Cultural Calendar in a new digital format!

Opening the digital calendar is simple. Here’s how:

Click on the link below, or copy and paste this link into your browser:


A new window will open, where you’ll see a digital version of the calendar listing many of our programs for the year. Click on the arrow on the right side of your screen to open and page through the calendar. To go back, click on the arrow on the left of the page. Along the bottom of your screen, you’ll see buttons that will let you zoom in, change the display, and search for specific trips.

The title of each trip contains an active link. Click on any of them and you’ll be taken to the trip description on our website, where you can learn more and request additional information about the programs that interest you.

We hope you’ll find this new format convenient and easy to use. Explore the world at your fingertips and have fun!

You can also learn more about Academic Arrangements Abroad and our trips on our website.

Westman Island Puffins


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