What’s On Havana!

We were excited to be mentioned in the July 2013 issue of What’s On Havana! This independent platform, produced by CubaAbsolutely.com, aims to “explore Cuba through the eyes of the best writers, photographers and filmmakers, both Cuban and international, who live work, travel and play in Cuba.”

July 2013 cover What's On Havana!One of our favorite sections of the July issue of the publication is about photography. It includes striking images by Canadian photographers Colin Franks and Pete Jones. Franks’ photographs include everything from close-ups shots of colorful vintage automobiles to black-and-white portraits. Jones, who purchased his first camera in 2007, shoots lovely landscapes and images of Cuba’s people.

Arrangements Abroad in What's On Havana!The newsletter also has a story on the Carnival de Santiago de Cuba, a listing of the best places to eat in Havana, and an article on Cuba’s clothes lines. Click here for a PDF of the publication.


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