Financial Education Gets Fashionable

Sarah MaineFormer Academic Arrangements Abroad staffer Sarah Maine describes herself as a “lover of ideas.”   Sarah’s diverse professional experience includes event coordination, film production and sustainable food distribution. Currently, she is a program coordinator for California-based Independent Means, which offers multiple programs to help families engage the next generation in financial fluency.

Fashion District in New YorkOn June 20th, 2013, Independent Means will launch its 6th Fashion & Finance event in New York City. This unique financial education program, which is open to the public, offers an introduction to business and finance through the lens of the fashion industry.

The three-day, two-generation program includes studio visits with fashion luminaries, case studies that explain the difference between a $15 Target purse and $15,000 Chanel handbag, and meetings with movers and shakers in fashion’s design, social media and retail industries. The cost for the program is $3,500 for an inter-generational duo (mother/daughter, grandfather/grandson, aunt/niece, etc.), and participants can bring a friend for an additional $1,500.

To register for Fashion & Finance 2013 or to find out more, visit


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