Discover One of the World’s Best Beaches

Virgin GordaTripAdvisor recently published a list of “10 Wonderfully Unique Beaches.” Topping the list is “the Baths” on Virgin Gorda, the third-largest of the British Virgin Islands.

Sea CloudDuring our 2014 “History & Gardens of the Caribbean” cruise aboard the legendary Sea Cloud, travelers will have an opportunity to explore the Baths. Gigantic boulders are piled willy-nilly along the sandy beach, which create small pools and interesting cave-like structures.  In the afternoon, the ship sails to the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, where program participants may go ashore to visit the famous Bitter End Yacht Club.

Virgin Gorda pool in caveThose who love the sun and sand will have the chance to relax on other spectacular shorelines throughout the journey. On St. Barthélemy, swimmers will have an opportunity to enjoy one of many beautiful white sand beaches. And on the Iles des Saintes, travelers may tour Terre-de-Haut, visit the 17th-century Fort Napoleon, or swim at one of the pristine beaches before returning to Sea Cloud.


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