Travel Apps We Love

If you’ve got a smart phone or iPad, chances are you’ve used it during your vacation or to help plan a trip. Here are a few of our favorite travel-related apps.

iPhone by Gonzalo BaezaTravelzoo (Free): Find travel and entertainment deals through this app for Android or iPhone. The app also gives you access to Travelzoo’s weekly “Top 20” deal list.

TripAdvisor (Free): Based on the popular travel website, this app offers independent reviews of restaurants, hotels and things to do around the world. It is available for various mobile and tablet platforms.

Expert Flyer (Free): Booked a flight to your favorite vacation spot, but stuck with a middle seat? Expert Flyer monitors the seat you want to have. If it becomes available, you can change your seat. With the free account, you can set up one Seat Alert at a time.

SeatGuru-1SeatGuru (Free): This app lets you find the best seat on the plane before you fly. It also provides users with travel tools by integrating the TripAdvisor flight search engine, allowing travelers to book a flight on the go, and the ability to get real-time flight status updates.

Packing Pro ($2.99): Ever forgotten to pack underwear or socks? Make sure it never happens again with the PackingPro app, which lets you work from a list of suggested items or create a customized packing list.

TripIt_Logo_500TripIt (Free): This travel organizer puts all your plans in one place. Simply send your trip details such as airline, hotel and rental car information to TripIt, and the app pulls the data into a travel itinerary.

Next Flight ($2.99): Missed your flight or want to catch an earlier one? After you enter your origin, destination and departure date, this handy app provides a list of available non-stop flights for the current day and two following days.

Google Translate (Free): This app helps you break through language barriers while you’re on the road. With Google Translate, you can translate text and speech between more than 50 languages. The app also lets you save your favorite translations for speedy offline access.

Skype_std_use_logo_pos_col_rgbSkype (Free): Through this app—available for iPhone, iPad and Android—you can experience Skype on your mobile device. Skype offers free video calls and instant messaging over a 3G or WiFi connection, plus low-cost calls and text messages to mobile phones and landlines. However, Skype cannot be used for emergency calls.

Help Call ($2.99): In case you need to make an emergency call while you’re traveling, this iPhone app will help you phone the police, fire department or an ambulance in your current country location. Currently, 126 countries and five languages are supported.

triplingo_logoTripLingo (Free): Great for international travelers, this app is packed with useful phrases. TripLingo also has a built-in dictionary, flashcards to help you learn the language, and notes on local culture and etiquette. Fast Company named it the “2012 Business Travel Innovation of the Year.”

GateGuru (Free): This app aims to make air travel less stressful. After you add information about your journey, GateGuru provides information such as airport weather, check-in terminal, flight departure time and status, estimated security checkpoint wait time and amenities at the airport.

OANDA Currency Converter (Free): Use your mobile device to access reliable currency exchange rates. OANDA also gives travelers the option of adding a percentage to better estimate the actual rate charged by their bank or credit card.

Postagram (Free to download, but there is a fee to send postcards): This nifty app lets you send your travel photos as real postcards. After capturing an image, it takes just a few seconds to create a postcard from your iPhone or Android device. Friends or relatives will get actual postcards for about $1 per piece (postage included).

SitOrSquat (Free): Looking for a clean public bathroom? This app (brought to you by the folks at Charmin) helps you locate restrooms when you’re on the go.

Yelp (Free): Looking for a great Vietnamese restaurant or an Irish pub? This app will help you find restaurants, bars and other businesses nearby. Read reviews or draft one of your own.

WordLens (Free, but language packs cost $4.99 each): This iPhone/iPad app lets you use your phone’s camera to instantly translate printed words on signs, menus, etc. Language packs, which must be purchased separately from within the app, are currently available for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

What are your favorite travel apps?

Note: Prices were accurate at time of publication; please check to make sure they are still current.



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