Meet Sarah Viera

Sarah WhortonAlso a professional translator and editor, Sarah joined the staff of Academic Arrangements Abroad in 2008. She became a manager at the firm before opting to lead tours.

“I’m always excited to explore new destinations, which is one of the reasons this job is so worthwhile,” she says. Originally from Oklahoma City, Sarah frequently directs tours in Cuba and has visited more than 50 countries.

Hometown: Oklahoma City

City I would recommend: I love Barcelona.  It has it all – art, architecture, good food and great weather!

SphinxCity I would drop everything to see: Any city in Egypt!  I’ve never been and have wanted to go since I got a hieroglyphics set when I was 8.

Tour you were on recently:  A Cuba trip with MIT alumni.  It was a terrific, very enthusiastic group and a great itinerary.  The week flew by!

Something that surprises people: I grew up playing poker at family gatherings, so I’m a bit of a card shark.

Three things I can’t travel without:  I received a grid-it as a Christmas present and use it to keep all my jewelry and cords together.  I also love my Tumi suitcase, which has a tracker on it in case it ever gets lost.  And I never leave home without my iPad to entertain me on all the long flights.

Number of trips:  I’m not sure how many trips I’ve been on, but I’ve been to more than 50 countries, and counting.

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