Meet Christine Pagnani

Christine PagnaniAmong our most popular tour directors, Christine Pagnani has headed up tours to destinations including India and Burma. This coming year she’ll travel with Academic Arrangements Abroad on programs including Dutch & Flemish Landscapes,  Artistic Traditions of Korea & Japan, Sicily By Sea and Dukes, Popes & Painters.

Find out more about Christine below.

Hometown: Haleiwa on Oahu’s beautiful North Shore, equally known for Bonzai Pipeline and Matsumoto’s shaved ice.

Last book I read:  The Glass Room

City you most recommend to friends:  Just about any city in Italy.

City you would drop everything to go see:  Any city that presents a new experience.

Tour you were on recently:  Burma, where our Met group had the memorable opportunity to meet with and speak with Daw Aung San Su Kyi.

Special skill:  Bargain hunting, finding a truly local experience and connecting with people.

Your most visited websites:,,

Something about you that surprises people: Climbed the Great Wall of China when pregnant with my older daughter.

Three things you can’t travel without:  Electric toothbrush, an over-stuffed carry on and an open mind.

Number of trips traveled on: I lost count in 1977, but well over 100.

2 thoughts on “Meet Christine Pagnani

  1. Christine is a great tour leader. Through thick or thin, her experience is invaluable! Enjoying the sublime, or dealing with travel details, she covers the details. — Tom, Cruise Director

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