Hidden Travel Treasures

A host of new websites give travelers more ways to save cash or find the perfect airplane seat. Recently, Travel + Leisure Magazine’s Mark Orwell shared tips with TODAY’s Erica Hill.

Here are some of the highlights:

BackBidBackBid.com: This “revolutionary” hotel booking website helps you find a great deal on a room. Book a hotel stay as you usually would, then go to BackBid and select the trip and the maximum you want to pay. Hotels will send you their best rate. Don’t like any of the bids you receive?  No worries… you can just keep your existing reservation.

TingoTingo.com: If you reserve a hotel through Tingo, a TripAdvisor company, they’ll automatically refund your credit card if a better rate turns up.



pintripsPintrips.com: This website searches for airfare on 9 to 10 sites, then puts the airline information into a folder. Pintrips automatically updates the information. When you’re ready to book, the website generates the links to buy the trip with your preferred vendor.


SeatGuru-1Seatguru.com: Do you prefer an aisle seat near the front of the plane? Want to make sure your seat reclines? Through Seatguru.com, you can find a seat and learn about its location.



FlightAware logoFlightAware.com: Want the most accurate flight information? FlightAware offers free flight tracking services. The data is usually updated one to four times per minute.


What are your favorite travel websites?


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