Explore more of Asia with our book club

I Am Cat cover

The Academic Arrangements Abroad book club is continuing with our Asia series (our last book was an interesting look at China’s modernization).  For our first discussion of 2013, we have two picks, both of which are Japanese.

Volume I of I Am a Cat

By Soseki Natsume, known as the leading Japanese novelist of the Meiji period.

Animal lovers will delight in these stories written at the beginning of the 20th century. The tales, satirizing upper-middle-class Japanese society, are told from the point of view of a cat.

Astro Boy cover

Volume I of Astro Boy

By Osamu Tezuka, considered the godfather of manga (Japanese comics) and the Walt Disney of Japan.

This is one of the first books in the manga genre, which in recent years has become hugely popular worldwide among children and adults.


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