Spotlight on Cuban Arts

By Anastasia Mills Healy

Two fast-approaching events will focus attention upon Cuba’s exciting visual arts. Over the course of 11 days in New York City, starting April 12, cineastes will have the opportunity to see more than 50 films from 13 countries at the Havana Film Festival New York. In its 13th year, this festival screens both the latest award-winning films and classics from and about Latin America, the Caribbean and the U.S. Latino community. The range of films is extraordinary, as witnessed by the festival opener, a drama about two boys from opposite sides of the tracks in Havana; and the closing film, the first zombie movie made in Cuba.

In Cuba, the 11th Havana Bienal will take place May 11 to June 11, showcasing the works of 115 artists from 43 countries. A forum for underrepresented voices and focusing on art from Latin America and the Caribbean, the bienal’s theme this year is “Artistic Practices and Social Imaginaries.” According to Jorge Fernandez, director of the Wilfredo Lam Center of Contemporary Art, the bienal seeks to delve deeply into the thinking of people in different communities and inspire young people to identify with it, turning the event into a mirror for Cuban society.

C. Monsalvez

Bienal photo by C. Monsalvez


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