Meet Susan Cassidy

For anyone who has traveled with Academic Arrangements Abroad, our seasoned Tour Directors need no introduction. They distinguish our programs as much as our innovative itineraries, private visits and renowned lecturers. Today, find out a little more about Tour Director Susan Cassidy in this Tour Director Q&A.


Hometown:  I’m a Native New Yorker and couldn’t dream of a better place than Manhattan.

Tour you most enjoyed:  I thoroughly enjoyed the two times I went to the Galapagos and the Amazon Rain forest—so much to see and learn, though South Africa is a close second.

City or country you would drop everything to go see:  I would drop everything to go anywhere I haven’t already been!

The last tour you were on:  I was on was Turin and Villa d’Este in October.  What a lovely time to be in Italy.

Special skills:  I speak French and Italian and have a Master’s in Anthropology and am VERY organized!!

3 things you can’t travel without:  I always take a backscratcher and inflatable hanger on EVERY TRIP!!  And I do ALWAYS travel with a third thing I forgot–MY PEARLS–they make everything look good!!

Favorite historical figure:  I’m  interested in women throughout history and like Georges Sand, Mary, Queen of Scots (who was a VERY poor decision maker!), and  Coco Chanel.

Words of wisdom for fellow travelers:  Always be flexible when traveling and keep a sense of humor.  Things can change!!

Number of years tour directing:  I’ve been doing trips for AAA for about 16 years and have worked in about 25 countries!!


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