A Caribbean Quiz

By Anastasia Mills Healy

Calling all sailors and Caribbean buffs! Which Caribbean island is, at only a third of the size of Manhattan, the largest of the 32 Grenadine islands? Its S-shape is covered in rolling green hills and its shores boast beautiful white-sand beaches lined with almond and cedar trees and picturesque yacht-filled harbors.

Just try meandering down the waterfront Belmont Walkway without stopping for a Hairoun beer or callaloo soup.

Visit a turtle sanctuary and a whaling museum (it is still legal to hunt humpback whales here) or purchase a well-crafted model boat. If you’ve finished your reading material, seek out its excellent bookstore.

Alexander Hamilton’s father was a longtime resident.

Which island is it?

Bequia (pronounced BECK-way)!

*For more information about Bequia’s Wildlife Protection and Conservation at Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, please visit http://www.tourwrist.com/tours/995 for an interactive tour or contact Orton “Brother” King at oldhegg@vincysurf.com.

Orton King at Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary.


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