Our Favorite Travel Apps

By Indra Purmale

Many of you utilize smartphones such as BlackBerries, iPhones or iPads, and Androids on a daily basis.  Therefore, today we wanted to provide helpful information about a few general applications that are extremely useful when you are traveling on one of our trips or embarking on your own travel adventures.  We are excited to share our staffs favorite travel apps for smartphones here and we hope you find these beneficial!

cab4me: Using your phone’s GPS, this app will find nearby car services, so you don’t have to spend time Googling to find someone that’s available to take you to that opera you’re running late for in Vienna!  This is great to use if you are on one of our trips and enjoying an afternoon on your own, but don’t necessarily want to take the metro or walk back to the port where your riverboat awaits because you’ve done way too much walking already!

Cost: Free      Available: iPhone | Android | BlackBerry



Right Signature: Why you need it: PDFs that require signatures can prove to be quite a pain and often are not only related to business documents, as many of you have encountered when we ask you to pretty please sign our reservation applications but you are traveling on the other side of the world!  This app lets you make legally binding signatures right on your iPhone – merely with your finger! If the initial signature doesn’t look right the first time, just shake your phone to erase and try again. If you are happy with the signature, you can save and reuse it. Try this app for free, but unlimited signatures require a paid monthly plan.

Cost: Free      Available: iPhone

Right Signature


Wikitude [World Browser]: Allows you to view what’s around you in an entirely new, interactive way.  By using the camera, simply hold up your smartphone and explore your surroundings.  It will then pull up additional interactive content and detailed information about the object such as restaurants, hotels, attractions, and more right on your phone!

Cost: Free       Available: iPhone| iPad | BlackBerry | Android



Howcast: An app that features how to video tutorials (accompanied by text guides) that extend from taxi hailing strategies in New York City to the proper consumption of soba in Japan.

Cost: Free        Available: Android | BlackBerry | iPhone | iPad


Goby: Teaches you how to survive without a plan or if Plan A fails and you have no Plan B!  For example, what to do when the museum you planned to visit in Florence was closed and now you’ve got a free afternoon on your hands. This app searches events and activities near you – whether it may be live-music, child-friendly outings or outdoorsy pursuits — and then plots them on a map with details and photos.

Cost: Free      Available: Android | iPhone | iPad



Local Eats: This app excludes chain restaurants to feature the best locally-owned establishments, such as authentic mom-and-pop joints.  If there is a special at a particular restaurant, a coupon will pop up that you can show your waiter after the bill comes!

Cost: Free     Available: Android | iPhone | iPad | BlackBerry

Local Eats


Dropbox: Keep important and frequently accessed home computer files within reach wherever you end up in the world. Anything you put in the Dropbox folder on your computer will be available from within the app on your phone.  It also works the other way around so that you can save files from your phone, and they’ll be synchronized to your computer upon your return from a trip.

Cost: Free (Paid version offers more storage space) 

Available: Android | iPhone | BlackBerry



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