All Aboard!

The Golden Eagle's Lounge

The Golden Eagle-Trans Siberian Express would have made Marco Polo’s life a lot easier. And I imagine he would have really been grateful to retire to the opulent bar car after a lavish dinner and discuss the day’s events with other adventurous spirits. Today, we can travel on this legendary train to exotic locales like Samarkand, to see the mausoleum of the mighty Tamerlane; and 2,014-year-old Bukhara, to tour the enchantingly named Palace of the Moon and Stars.

A Golden Eagle Gold Class Cabin


The Golden Chariot

Another fascinating destination whose great distances can be covered easily by train is India. Your Golden Chariot awaits to whisk you in coaches fit for a maharajah across the southern states of Karnataka and Goa. Discover sublime temples, ancient kingdoms and the famous carved caves at Badami. Relax on Goa’s celebrated beaches and conclude in cosmopolitan Mumbai.


A Golden Chariot Cabin


The Royal Scotsman

Scotland is perhaps less exotic but certainly not less compelling. Be “piped” aboard the Edwardian-style Royal Scotsman and settle in with a cup of tea or a wee dram as you travel into the heart of the scenic Scottish Highlands. Pass lochs and waterfalls, rugged castles and rolling hills, picturesque villages and pine-clad mountains reflected in mirror-like lochs.

A Royal Scotsman Cabin

Oh, how to decide?


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