Read With Us!

Arrangements Abroad hosts a monthly book club for our employees, reading travel writing and fiction and non-fiction accounts of far-off places.

This month’s selection is “Our Man in Havana,” by Graham Greene.  This black comedy is set in Havana during the Fulgencio Batista regime.  James Wormold, a vacuum salesman in need of money, is recruited by the British Secret Service to gather information for them.  Unfortunately Wormold has no information to send and so begins faking the information, eventually constructing an intricate world of secret agents and intrigue.  Along the way, Greene also touches on themes such as social class, international relations, and the Catholic Church.   If you can’t get enough of “Our Man in Havana,” don’t worry – the novel has also been adopted into a film, opera, libretto, and play.

What did you think of “Our Man in Havana?”


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