We want to hear from you!

A Note from Jim Friedlander, President & CEO:


Academic Arrangements Abroad is excited to start this new way of communicating with our travelers and friends. We will be posting travel destination news and information, as well as news about our trips and our company, a few times a week.

We want to hear from you: This blog is a way for you to communicate with us, too. You can comment on any post by clicking “Comment,” respond to our quizzes and post your photos. And if you really like something we say, click on the Facebook or “Email This” icons following the entry to share it with others.

To be the first to know our breaking news, subscribe by clicking “Subscribe to our RSS feed” found at the top of each page or checking the “Subscribe to this site by email” box that pops up when you comment. To keep in the loop, you may also follow us on Facebook (the blog appears on our Facebook page) or bookmark this page and check back often.

We’d love your input on which travel destinations interest you. And we’d like to know which travel blogs you read and why. So click “Comment” and let us know what’s on your mind.

As always, please also feel free to call us at (212) 514-8921 with any questions.


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